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Managing Training Evaluation and Performance Surveys

Constructive criticism is the only way to improve on methods and tools such as corporate, medical, business, sales, or management training programs. With Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training, your employees will have the chance to give feedback about the training program, and managing the responses from those training evaluation surveys will be simple and clear.

Managing Training Evaluation Surveys

Once you have implemented customized employee- and job-training methods, techniques, materials, and tools from DDA Corporate and Medical Training, you will be able to track training results, track training usage, and countless other features through the employee training eLearning management system. But the process doesn't end there.


The best way to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your employee training and eLearning tools is to get feedback from the employees themselves, and that is made simple with DDA Corporate and Medical Training. You can distribute surveys for evaluation to your employees, either directly or online via our mass email distribution program. The surveys can be more general, asking employees to decide which types of training methods, materials, and tools have been most effective, or they can focus on a specific type of technology-based training method to learn if it has been worthwhile. No matter the subject of your evaluation survey, the results will be delivered to you in a manner that is easy to decipher, therefore making it constructive for many different training methods in the future.


Email Distribution List Management

In today's workplace, email has replaced nearly every other form of communication. And with DDA Corporate and Medical Training, you can create a form that enables you to send email to a specific distribution list to better focus your evaluation efforts and receive more useful information. Lists can be molded to include a specific department, a certain employee level, or even broken down into new, experienced, and veteran employees.


If DDA CMT's innovative training tools and eLearning solutions disappeared once your training sessions were complete, then you'd be left with static training materials that went out of date very quickly. So we help you coordinate feedback, distribute evaluation surveys via email, and interpret the information received to help the program continually evolve.