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Manage Training Validation, Certification, and Accreditation to Improve Performance and Effectiveness

With many employees in a variety of departments, it's not always easy to know which areas of employee performance are in most need of improvement. Pinpoint specific areas and keep track of individual performance by managing employee training through training validation, certification, and accreditation options from Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA) Corporate and Medical Training.


On top of the multitude of choices available in on-the-job and off-the job employee training, DDA Corporate and Medical Training offers a variety of certification training programs. We will work with you to customize a program best suited to your company and teach you how to set up and manage training development. With an eLearning management system from DDA CMT, you can keep track of employee performance and manage your own team training sessions through innovative online, computer-based methods available through DDA Corporate and Medical Training.


There are many ways you can utilize DDA Corporate and Medical Training's validation, certification, and accreditation management tools:

  • Organize and categorize results by employee or department
  • Maintain a log of employee training time to meet state guidelines and regulations
  • Track individual employee training performance
  • Keep track of certifications and validations
  • Evaluate training methods and effectiveness through management of employee results and performance
Innovation Leads the Way to Effective Training Management

DDA Corporate and Medical Training has been a leader in all areas of digital technology from website development, video production, virtual medical simulation and our methods for management of training programs and instruction are no different. We have the eLearning tools you need for tracking employee training and skills evaluations so you can identify areas that need improvement for increased effectiveness and overall performance.


Technology- and web-based training methods can be effective ways to provide proper instruction to employees, but without management of that training development or program, your company could be missing out. Get less training and more results with the ability to monitor employee validation, accreditation, and certification.


Why Management of Employee Training Provides Great Benefits to your Company

Measuring training results gives your company greater control. You can monitor results and guarantee that employees are receiving the proper instruction needed. This then allows you to implement specific methods and techniques whether in training programs, or in the workplace as a whole, targeted to increase performance and effectiveness, ensuring you're getting the results you desire.


DDA Corporate and Medical Training makes it easy to track results and measure training. We can customize a training management tool to your exact needs and specifications. Choose the level of control and details you want and we can incorporate it into any one of our different methods of training organizations and employees.