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Take Game Play to the Next Level of Interactivity with Augmented Reality

One of the best ways to grab attention and maintain interest is to present a challenge. DDA Interactive’s augmented reality game development gets to the heart of a person’s competitive spirit, in a very unique and incredibly fun way.

Combining virtual reality elements with 3D animation and online technologies, DDA Interactive can create the ultimate gaming experience. Have real players on the ground battle with online competitors or integrate real-life elements into a virtual world; whatever the concept, DDA Interactive can make it a reality. An expert in innovative interactive marketing and advertising, we can develop applications for the web, mobile marketing, or even as part of a trade show display.

With a long history in interactive game development, our innovations through the years in all digital technologies have allowed us to lead the way in augmented reality game development and applications. Imagine a 3D virtual world that pulls the player into the game with marketing messages and themes that leave a lasting impression well after game play is over. Whether it’s for mobile marketing or online, fun interactive games can really be an effective way to communicate core messages and philosophies.

Interactive games are also a great technique to use as part of an overall strategic marketing campaign, in combination with an immersive eLearning platform, as part of a training program or medical education course, at a trade show, or in product promotion. With DDA Interactive’s full-service capabilities you can incorporate any level of augmented reality to create a truly immersive gaming experience that will have people clamoring back for more.

Don’t get stuck on level one, super charge your marketing effort with interactive digital game development using DDA Interactive’s augmented reality services.