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Augmented Reality for eLearning
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Medical Training

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Real Life in Real Time

Augmented Reality for
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Mobile Augmented Reality


Give Employees Life-Like Training with DDA Interactive’s Augmented Reality Services

Want to increase the effectiveness of your employee training techniques; make stagnant processes more interactive; not sure of the best method? DDA Interactive’s Augmented Reality online and mobile marketing services can deliver life-like training for immersive employee training and eLearning solutions. If you don’t have the resources or the ability to provide real training, let DDA Interactive give you the next best thing with a full range of augmented reality services that virtually put employees in the center of the action.
Through the development of 3D simulations, virtual reality, interactive games, and the blending of real time with digital technology, DDA Interactive can make the impossible possible and produce results well beyond that of standard eLearning and education tools.

Augmented reality is the pinnacle of interactivity and can give you an edge when it comes to providing effective online training programs. Global companies with offices throughout the world can create connections between employees, establish relationships, and train in group settings, even with employees hundreds of miles from each other. Replace manuals and text-based courses with training that’s more representative of what you’re employees will be doing. From educational tools to refresher courses to employee training programs, our augmented reality applications add real-life experience and immense interactivity.

Make it more than just a corporate training course, create an experience with DDA Interactive’s Interactive Augmented Reality applications.