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Visualize the Future with DDA Interactive’s Augmented Reality 3D Visualization Services

Stop using two-dimensional tools, or text and images to explain complex data to your target audience or help them visualize a process or concept that doesn’t exist within the real world. DDA Interactive’s augmented reality 3D visualization technology services can take a user inside to the very heart of what you’re attempting to describe, making medical or employee training needs or promotional tools more immersive, more interactive, and more accurate.

Leveraging the power of 3D visualization, by translating information to target audiences through imagery, and the next-generation technology of augmented reality, we can create training tools, eLearning platforms, and product promotional and entertainment applications that transcend all others.

DDA Interactive has led the way in interactive marketing and advertising services, and as other companies just begin to come on board, we are innovating and pioneering yet again with interactive augmented reality services, like mixed reality and 3D visualization technology. The possibilities of augmented reality 3D visualization have been recognized by leaders in the scientific, medical, and architectural fields, as more and more research is dedicated to its use, including the exploration of how to apply it in ultrasound and x-ray imaging to see directly into a patient’s body.

Multi-layered, movable maps and graphs that have additional information embedded inside, that can be viewed in cross-sections, from the top, and any other way the user envisions, virtual environments that envelope the user and bring them into the experience, are all ways to take 3D visualization to the next level. With powerful visualization capability, this technology can be applied to nearly any application, and can be valuable and completely unique in your marketing and advertising efforts.

With a long list of interactive capabilities from games to websites to videos, DDA Interactive’s technologies give structure to your ideas and help your target audience see life in a whole new way.