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Catch the Next Wave in Interactive Marketing with DDA Interactive

DDA Interactive is taking digital marketing and advertising beyond the next generation with augmented reality services that redefine the meaning of connecting with your target audience. An emerging technology that’s on the threshold of becoming the next-big thing, augmented reality merges real-life with computer-generation to create a whole new level of innovation and interactivity.

Imagine a virtual or real-world environment augmented with layers of interactive information. Or an Internet application that not only gets visitors excited, but has them coming back to your website, over and over again, telling all of their friends and colleagues along the way. DDA Interactive can make this happen through powerful interactive marketing and advertising services for product promotion, in medical eLearning and training platforms, the mobile market, for display at trade shows, and through the creation of interactive environments, games, and simulations of virtual experiences that mirror real life in real time.

Our advanced capabilities in custom software development, graphic design, video production, web development, 2D and 3D animation, and focus on development of interactive technologies makes it easy for us to pioneer this next wave in interactive marketing. We develop augmented reality marketing services that combine the real and virtual worlds, like direct mail campaigns that allow the recipient to create a 3D image before their eyes from printed material or virtual creations of real-life environments using mixed reality for more intensive and accurate employee training techniques. As an interactive marketing company and advertising agency, we can help you utilize augmented reality in a host of applications.

Up the wow-factor and get your target audience more engaged than you ever could before, with DDA Interactive’s augmented reality marketing services.






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