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Real Life in Real Time

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Mobile Augmented Reality


DDA Interactive’s Augmented Reality Simulations Mirror Real Life in Real Time

What if you could offer real-world training on a virtual platform? With DDA Interactive’s augmented reality simulations you can. We can create true-to-life experiences using mixed reality, virtual reality, and 3D animation for hands-on employee training and eLearning applications.

Are you a medical device company unveiling a new product or procedure? An assembly plant that needs to run an employee training course? Do you want to add another level of interactivity to your online training programs? Our augmented reality simulation services can be used for corporate employee training, medical procedures, or in eLearning programs for any number of purposes.

We can put your employees right on the assembly line, with all of the tools and equipment they need, in a controlled and simulated environment. Test the waters in unveiling new procedures or treatments by having physicians virtually perform or administer them using incredibly interactive 3D simulations.

Going beyond the next generation in digital interactive marketing and advertising services, we can leverage our augmented reality technologies to create realistic virtual environments that pull the user into the center of the action and give them full control over their surroundings to manipulate it as they wish. Our simulations move in real time and react and change based on the user’s actions.

Experienced in online and mobile marketing applications, DDA Interactive offers a long list of eLearning and training solutions with technology that’s more advanced than what other advertising agencies and marketing companies offer. Take eLearning and training programs further by integrating games or videos into the augmented reality simulations, or create comprehensive websites with multiple training programs and testing components.

With our augmented reality simulation services, employees are actively engaged in the training, working hands-on, learning and absorbing important information, as they complete actual tasks. Be more effective in training and eLearning methods and get the next best thing to reality with DDA Interactive.