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Interactive Business Card CD- and DVD-ROMs

Just about every company has business cards to easily share contact information and leave potential clients with a lasting impression. But you can truly stand out with interactive business card CD-ROM and DVD discs from DDA Interactive. Mini CD business cards are the same size as a standard business card, but the possibilities are much more extensive. While interactive business card discs provide the same contact information and branding as standard print cards, it goes above and beyond by allowing people to place the CD-ROM or DVD business card into their computer and find much more information about your company, products, services, representatives, marketing campaigns, and more.

Interactive CD-ROM and DVD business cards by DDA Interactive provide a unique corporate or product presentation for your company. In addition to providing the basic contact information, the CD-ROM or DVD business card may also point customers to direct email, website links, contact forms, and other resources that can be accessed directly on the CD.

Interactive Business Cards Provide More than Contact Information

An interactive business card CD may also be used to showcase your products or services with a catalog, product showcase, or corporate presentation. DDA Interactive offers advanced programming, graphic design, and professional copywriting to deliver information that your audience will want to see and explore. From an engaging, custom CD- or DVD-ROM design that makes the best first impression to insightful resources about your company, the viewer is far more likely to become a customer, partner, or investor after viewing your interactive business card.

With DDA Interactive’s advanced programming capabilities, we can also build custom user tracking and data reporting to every CD-ROM or DVD business card so that you can learn exactly what information people are viewing. Online reporting capabilities grant you administrative access to track what products or services are viewed in a catalog, what links and online resources are clicked, and more. With this information in hand, you can create new business card CDs that focus on what people want most, track the conversion rates from leads to sales, and measure the overall success of the interactive business card.

DDA Interactive’s Complete Range of Services

DDA Interactive is an innovative marketing and advertising agency with years of experience in creating highly interactive tools that engage and inform audiences like never before. From enhanced corporate presentations on CD-ROMs to interactive software and games, DDA Interactive is your one-stop-shop for all interactive marketing needs. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive list of services and technologies.