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Interactive Marketing on the Go with Portable Flash Drives

When you get your marketing in the hands of the consumer that’s always a good thing, extreme portability makes it even better. Catch more people on the go without forgoing any of the interactivity with portable USB flash drives from DDA Interactive™.

CD-ROMS are great tools for distributing interactive marketing, and DVDs can provide a movie-quality feel, but flash thumb drives can go where most other media cannot – just about anywhere. Match the color and design of the flash drive to the look and feel of your interactive game, website, or training piece. You can even combine mini discs with a much larger promotional package, like a DVD or print materials.

Flash Drives as you Want Them
With DDA Interactive™, you always get what you want as you like it thanks to our full range of digital and interactive technologies offered in-house. That “As you like it” philosophy applies to the media you choose to showcase our interactive marketing and advertising services in as well. We’ll work with you at each step of development to make sure that the design, size, and packaging are all exactly how you want.

Whether it’s a USB flash drive, mini drive, DVD-ROM, or CD-ROM you’re looking for, you can be sure it’ll be designed and distributed in the most effective way to get the most results.

Interactive Marketing from the Inside Out
There’s no better way to engage and retain the interest of your target audience than to immerse them in the experience. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we have the technology, services, and innovation needed to create the most cutting-edge interactive websites, videos, games, and eLearning tools, possible.

When you want the outside to be just as effective as the inside, turn to our wide range of interactive media choices like DVD-ROMs, CD-ROMs, or portable USB flash drives. From a flash disk to a pen, and any other way you want, flash drives are easy to distribute, and with a variety of color options available, they can be a lot of fun too.

Keep the packaging just as powerful as the interactive technologies represented on the inside with portable flash drives from DDA Interactive™.