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Interactive technology-based media is proven to be far more effective for promotional materials, training programs, product launches, and more. Distributed media, such as CD-ROMs, DVDs, and USB Flash drives, puts interactive materials directly in the hands of customers and employees. Interactive DVDs offer 10-times the storage space of CD-ROMs, allowing for more media-rich content and interactive applications. This additional storage space provides a larger opportunity to present videos, animations, games, eLearning tools, corporate information, and more to engage your target audience and successfully promote your products and services. DDA Interactive™, an industry leading marketing agency, boasts an extensive list of interactive advertising services for DVDs and DVD-ROMs to help you deliver information and attract customers.

Like standard DVD video, interactive DVDs can store hours of high quality video for playback on standard or high-definition DVD players and televisions. But an interactive DVD may also contain highly interactive content and menus that can be accessed on a computer and provide a wealth of new information that DVD video cannot. As an experienced DVD-ROM developer, DDA Interactive™ combines custom programming, cutting edge design, video, Flash applications, and a full list of in-house services to create the perfect blend of user-friendly, intuitive, and engaging interactive DVDs.

Interactive DVDs and DVD-ROMs may Include:

Interactive DVD-ROMs immerse your target audience with engaging resources that retain interest and are the ideal alternative to static print campaigns. As a full-service interactive marketing and advertising agency, DDA Interactive™ has the right technology and innovation to create effective DVD-ROM tools and applications. Additionally, DDA Interactive’s™ custom programming allows your company to track DVD usage and store data in a secure administrative database. And if you want the outside of your DVD-ROM to look just as professional as the contents inside, our team of professional graphic designers can create custom DVD labels, cases, and covers for the complete package. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive interactive DVD-ROM applications.