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Interactive Product Catalog on CD or DVD

Turn your corporate product catalog into an interactive CD-ROM catalog that offers extensive information about your products through a dynamic presentation. DDA Interactive, an innovative marketing and advertising agency, develops custom CD- and DVD-ROM catalogs that are engaging for users and cost-effective for your business. With a full in-house staff of degreed graphic designers, animators, video production specialists, and digital photographers at our disposal, DDA Interactive can design and develop a product catalog on CD or DVD that brings your company into the digital age.

CD- and DVD-ROMs provide the unique ability to present products and product information in ways that standard print catalogs simply cannot. Product catalogs on CD or DVD can offer video of products in action, high resolution photography from multiple angles, 360-degree rotation spins of products, illustrations and animations that depict complex use, and much more. DDA Interactive makes all this possible using the latest marketing technologies and full range of advertising services.

Easily Find the Right Products with DVD and CD Catalogs

Product catalogs are often bulky, offering a wide range of product categories and variations that makes it virtually impossible for someone to find exactly what they need. CD and DVD catalogs can be customized with built-in search engines using a database of product information so that customers can search using simple keywords, drop down menus, or visual guides and find the product they want instantly. In addition, products can be bookmarked, added to wish lists, or organized so that users can come back at anytime and immediately find the product again.

DDA Interactive’s advanced programming capabilities also allow for customers with Internet connectivity to jump from the catalog CD- or DVD-ROM to your corporate website or shopping cart. Customers can safely purchase products from the CD catalog with secure transactions on your website. DDA Interactive provides comprehensive eCommerce development capabilities to make ordering online efficient and user-friendly. Alternatively, CD catalogs can facilitate ordering products by phone or through mail with printable ordering forms. If customers run out of ordering forms, they can simply print more from the CD catalog at their convenience.

Full Service Interactive Marketing and Advertising

DDA Interactive is an industry-leader in interactive advertising and marketing technologies and has been a pioneer in digital advertising services since 1994. So whether you want to upgrade an outdated print catalog or create a brand new CD- or DVD-ROM catalog, DDA Interactive is highly qualified to help. With a complete range of in-house services, from graphic design to video production and digital photography to illustration, there is no better choice than DDA Interactive for all your CD-ROM or DVD development needs. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive list of capabilities.