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New Product Launch Strategies and Sales with Distributed Media

Researching, designing, and developing new products can take months, even years, to bring from concept to reality. But once that new product is ready for the marketplace you need a way to successfully promote the new product, or else all that hard work will have been for nothing. DDA Interactive understands the need for sophisticated marketing and advertising strategies that capture the attention of consumers and has years of experience in developing new product launch CD-ROMs and DVDs that excel at doing so.

New product launch CDs and DVDs are effective promotional tools because DDA Interactive has the capability to include all forms of multimedia to showcase your product and market the right sales messages. With complete in-house advertising and marketing technologies, including graphic design, video production, copywriting, digital photography, and animation, DDA Interactive can develop exciting product launch strategies that generate excitement and entertain audiences everywhere.

DDA Interactive’s CD- and DVD-ROMs for new product launches have many benefits, including:

Interactive Menus: CD- and DVD-ROMs are unique in that they can hold a large amount data so that you can present a wealth of interactive information. DDA Interactive is will versed in creating customized user interfaces that allow for the user to control what they view on your product launch CD or DVD. Downloading materials, visiting your corporate website, interactive games, product demonstrations, and more are all possible and can be provided through a user-friendly navigation system integrated with your product launch CD- or DVD-ROM.

Product Demonstrations: With DDA Interactive’s video production, illustration, and 2D and 3D animation capabilities, products can be fully demonstrated for the viewer. From video of people interacting with the new product to illustrations and animations depicting the inner workings of the product, DDA Interactive can create an engaging product demonstration that successfully promotes the use and benefits of your new product.

Video Presentations: DDA Interactive has a complete in-house video production studio to produce video of live actors showcasing your new product to customer testimonials. These videos can be added to your interactive CD or DVD to provide supplemental featurettes that enhance the user-experience and understanding of your new product.

DDA Interactive’s product launch CD- and DVD-ROMs integrate fresh graphic design with product videos, digital photography, downloadable information sheets, and more to create a powerful tool for promoting you new products. Additionally, CD- and DVD-ROMs can be linked with your website to provide more resources, secure purchasing through a shopping cart, or access to unique materials. Contact DDA Interactive today to learn more about our complete capabilities and media development.

Healthcare professionals need to keep their skills up to date by hitting a required number of CME credits on a regular basis. CME websites by DDA are the perfect way to meet their needs. DDA designs and programs custom CME websites that allow for continual additions of new medical eLearning course content comprised of text, images, and supplementary documents, along with certification testing to ensure that users demonstrate proficiency in the materials to qualify for CME certification. DDA builds personalized certificate of completion generators and integrates automated CME accreditation. DDA also develops custom e-Commerce platforms to allow website visitors to purchase access to new courses, with automated email reminders that help keep customers returning to renew their needed CME credits. The options for custom CME website design and development are nearly endless. Contact DDA today to learn how DDA can make your CME website offer real value that delivers bottom line results for your organization.

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