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If you are a provider of one-of-a-kind merchandise, standard eCommerce shopping cart models may bring you sales, but will they yield the greatest potential profit? Whether you are an artist looking to sell your works online or a dealer of antiques, your stock is more often than not, unique. As a result, demand can be high with interested buyers vying for the same merchandise. So why lock your products into a flat cost when shoppers may be willing to up the stakes in an online auction environment? Through interactive eCommerce features and tools that facilitate real-time communications between buyer and buyer and buyer and seller, DDA Interactive™ designs and develops engaging online shopping platforms that introduce the opportunity for higher profits.

From front-end user interfaces to back-end administrative areas, DDA Interactive’s™ team of web designers, developers, custom programmers, creative copywriters, video specialists, and SEO experts combine their expertise for consistently impressive results.

Well designed, engaging, and seamless to use: Any experienced web developer will tell you the foundation of every successful site, be it an eCommerce or information destination, is a solid menu and navigation structure. The last thing users want to do is waste time looking for what they need. Regardless of what page the site was entered from, you’ll lose a visitor if clear navigation is lacking. Equally as important is the design aesthetic. Website designs should attract viewers, but never overwhelm them. And to keep users interested, functionality needs to be solid and interactivity, high. At DDA Interactive™, an experienced marketing and advertising agency, we’ve mastered all of this and much more to bring you eCommerce auction platforms that offer the usability your consumers desire and the administrative capabilities your business demands in order to effectively manage bids and purchases.

Programmed to perfection for safe & secure auction environments: Professional auction-based websites possess complexities that are not found in traditional online shopping carts. Despite this truth, ease-of-use should not fall causality to programmed features. DDA Interactive’s™ advanced custom programmers integrate complex functionality all while maintaining what web shoppers desire most—usability. Additionally, DDA Interactive™ will make it easy to manage administrative duties like setting auction date parameters, establishing minimum bids, carrying out order fulfillment, shipping merchandise to customers, and much more.

Optimized so you’re seen and noticed: Though a site may possess industry-leading functionalities, if your business’s presence is not known, your efforts will go largely unnoticed. That’s where the search engine optimization services of DDA Interactive™ can make the difference. By writing keyword- rich copy that is structured around extensive research into user search pattern,  and the continual implementation of on-going optimization enhancements, your auction website will reach the first pages of major search engines like Google .

Chocked-full of interactive features: Unlike standard online shopping carts where the shopping experience is fueled by independent actions, online auctions bring together multiple parties. From competing bidders to site administrators, maintaining communication is key. By integrating interactive tools like commenting features, interactive eCommerce forums, and instant messaging, real-time interactions are encouraged for online auction websites that mirror onsite, face-to-face environments.

To find out more about DDA Interactive’s™ online auction website design and development services, contact our experts today.