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Interactive Product Builders & Tools for eCommerce

When shopping online, most consumers will tell you the greatest hindrance to buying is the inability to handle a product or encounter a service in person. Without the opportunity to try on an outfit, many shoppers would rather bypass an online sale than deal with the headache of a return should the purchase disappoint. And when deciding on high-ticket items like jewelry, some individuals lack the confidence to commit to a purchase without the ability to first inspect a piece. As a result, the potential of sales is limited for online retailers of goods or services due to the lack of consumer confidence. With the help of DDA Interactive™ and our cutting-edge eCommerce strategies and technologies, ease online shopping concerns with interactive tools for eCommerce shopping carts, like virtual product builders and applications.

eCommerce Website Design: Interactive Features & Applications

As we specialize in the latest interactive technologies, media, and services, DDA Interactive™ is the marketing and advertising agency that can set your eCommerce destination apart from the competition’s. Not only can our eCommerce web designers build a web-based shopping cart from the ground up, but we add the interactive features that will make your online shopping cart a success and here’s how…

Interactive Product Builders: If you had the capability to view an outfit on a model of your size, would you be more likely to buy? If you could envision how a ring laid on a finger or necklace on a neckline, would the chance of purchase be higher? The answer is yes and DDA Interactive™ is the custom eCommerce web developer that can deliver innovative web-based shopping solutions. With access to a team of degreed animation artists, why not offer your audience a virtual changing room. And with a partner that specializes in the creation of interactive virtual environments, why not provide the tools that let shoppers envision a product or service within a customized space. Choose DDA Interactive™ and achieve unique eCommerce platforms and applications that raise confidence and in turn, increase sales. Examples of customized shopping builders include:

  1. Clothing Builder: Offer shoppers the ability to see how an outfit would look on a person of their stature without ever having to try it on with customized avatars. Not only can users better envision how an outfit will look, but they can also experiment with matching accessories and clothing combinations.
  2. Jewelry Builders: Are you a seller of customized jewelry? If so, web-based interactive eCommerce tools can greatly increase your bottom line. How so? By putting the power in your consumers’ hands. From customized ring setting builders to engraving simulators and bracelet builders, DDA Interactive’s™ capabilities in graphic design, animation, and programming make us the eCommerce tools provider that can deliver customized solutions.
  3. Room Builders: Whether you are a seller of furniture, kitchen cabinetry, or windows, buyers often struggle to envision the final end result. Eliminate the guesswork with the creation of virtual tools that enable shoppers the ability to view furniture in a customized room, arrange cabinets in a virtual kitchen, and much more.

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DDA develops hybrid eLearning multimedia experiences that combine animation, video, text, and more as synchronized media to create rich eLearning course content that visually conveys complex medical topics in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner. Hybrid medical eLearning platforms are often developed with extremely broad interactivity parameters to ensure users stay focused by keeping active with the course content, controlling their reception of the multimedia to fit their particular learning style. Hybrid eLearning platforms by DDA offer the realism of video, the detail of 3D model-based animation, the simplicity of 2D animation, the personal touch of voice-over narration, and the straightforward information presentation of text and images to give users many perspectives to help them fully comprehend the information conveyed. DDA provides all services in the creation of its hybrid eLearning platforms, including 3D modeling and animation and video production at its own video and animation studios. Learn more about the advantages of hybrid eLearning. Contact DDA today.

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