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Social Networking and eCommerce

Does your eCommerce business have a Facebook or MySpace page? Do you have a flock of loyal followers tracking your organization’s every move on Twitter? If you answered no, you should. DDA Interactive™ is the marketing and advertising agency that can get you in the minds of your target audience through eCommerce social networking strategies. But establishing a space for yourself within the world of social networks will secure you only a shaky foothold at most. You need to make users aware of your online presence and this can only be achieved through effective interactive media and technologies, like eCommerce applications, widgets, and viral video.

Establish a Space: Setting up a profile page on one of the major social networks is easy, but generating awareness, accumulating friends and fans, and maintaining ongoing interest is not.  To pervade the avenues of social networks, organizations need a solid social networking and eCommerce strategy and this is where DDA Interactive™ can help. With a staff that is comprised of talented graphic artists, creative copywriters, custom programmers, and SEO specialists, DDA Interactive™ possesses the in-house capability and knowledge to achieve measurable results that will raise the awareness of your online shopping cart, drive traffic, and ultimately improve sales.

Spark Interest: The more interactive your social network page, the greater the user interest. With that being said, it’s not enough to write a blurb about your eCommerce website or post a few images. By exploring the many possibilities of interactive media, you are able to find unique ways to keep users engaged through video and social applications, widgets, and games that can be passed along virally for maximum exposure. An example includes a wish list application that can be posted to a profile page that succeeds in advertising not only the publisher’s wants, but your online shopping cart’s name as well. Or, promote your online store’s product line with interactive applications like a charm bracelet builder or outfit generator. With DDA Interactive’s™ programming capability, there are no limitations to what can be achieved.

Uncap the massive potential of social networking by partnering with the interactive studio at the forefront of innovative eCommerce technology—DDA Interactive™.