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Interactive Device, Equipment & Medical Simulations

It is no secret that misuse of machinery or devices can result in serious consequences. Not only could the operator be harmed as a result of user error, but the equipment could be damaged, causing costly repairs. The question then becomes how to reduce this possibility while instructing new employees on device use. The answer is through thorough training. DDA Interactive™, a training programs and systems provider, specializes in the design and development of eLearning equipment simulations. Unlike passive mechanisms of training where the employee is required to absorb written, verbalized, or demonstrated pieces of information, interactive simulations are powered by the trainee. If they perform an incorrect step, they’ll experience the associated consequence but instead of jeopardizing the wellbeing of the instrument or machine, they’ll be sharpening their skills in a safe, simulated virtual environment.

Device Modeling and Interactive Simulations

The goal of any simulation—be it a medical simulation or industrial application—is to accurately replicate the process and environment.  Through the use of detailed 2D and 3D animations and the integration of complex programming, DDA Interactive™ builds life-like training platforms that prepare workers for complex challenges. Whether you are a medical device manufacturer looking to educate prospect users on the proper application of a newly launched instrument or a precision manufacturer in search of a computer- and technology-based device training platform, trust in the interactive training technologies of DDA Interactive™.

Experience the Benefits of Training & eLearning Device Simulation

  • Decrease Risk: Though an individual may be well-informed, without experience the likelihood of device misuse is greatly increased. Simulation in training offers trainees valuable hands-on experience without the risk. Here employees can repeatedly refine their skills, increase their efficiency, and raise their confidence without ever having to operate an actual device or instrument.
  • Free up Equipment: Don’t tie up crucial pieces of equipment that are essential to timely productions. Instead, offer device operators a virtual machine where they can take their time understanding its many components and functionalities.
  • Any Time, Any Location: With device simulations for training, learning does not have to stop with the close of the work day. From any location and at any time, trainees can access online interactive learning environments.

Since our inception in 1994, DDA Interactive™ has pushed the envelope in terms of innovation to set the industry benchmark in interactive technologies. As a result, our capabilities as a training courseware and software provider are vast and ever-growing. Contact DDA Interactive™ today to learn how our multimedia-rich eLearning programs can increase the strength of your workforce.