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Interactive Procedural Simulations and Simulators Designed and Developed by DDA Interactive™

Organizations are constantly adjusting their policies and procedures in an effort to best serve the ever-changing needs of their customer-base. That said, even the most seasoned of professionals must undergo training to keep abreast with the latest company procedures. Whether a retailer must instruct its staff on a redesigned customer service approach or a medical organization is looking to advocate a breakthrough medical procedure, what’s certain is the need for an effective means of training. Quality service should never be sacrificed as a result of inexperience. Be proactive and contact DDA Interactive™ for procedure training simulations. As a pioneer of interactive training technologies and systems, we can do what other training program providers cannot, all in-house and at affordable costs.

Simulation for Training: Wake Up to the Enormous Benefit of Interactive eLearning

When learning a new process or procedure, employees often hone their skills by tackling real-world instances of the application. As is expected, the first attempts are rough, diminishing the level of service that is provided to the customer or patient. With simulation training games and systems, this undesirable outcome can be eliminated by providing healthcare professionals, industrial workers, and members of management with virtual and technology-based training platforms. How does it work? Trainees are immersed in simulated environments that are modeled after realistic business and workplace scenarios. By using sensitive controls that are custom programmed by DDA Interactive™, employees can carry out procedures to gain knowledge and confidence on a particular set of skills. Consequently, the outcome is a more informed and capable staff that is better prepared to deliver exceptional levels of service.

Why Choose DDA for Virtual Simulation Training?

DDA Interactive’s™ background in 2D and 3D animation, illustration, and programming makes us a trusted provider of training and simulation. The virtual interactive learning environments our artists craft realistically capture the components and feel of a place, machine, or object for a training platform that is second only to the real thing. Additionally, our staff is comprised of degreed programmers who implement the code and structure that gives life to procedural simulations. Once in place, trainees can observe how a process should be handled, practice implementation, and sharpen skills for greater efficiency and proficiency.

Specializing in Self- or Group-based Medical, Industrial, or Corporate Interactive Simulations

DDA Interactive™ does not limit itself to one aspect of an industry, but caters to all segments of the service world including, but not limited to, medical and corporate applications. That said, we can generate interactive simulation-based training programs relaying the steps of a complicated medical procedure, or a process in a fast-paced industrial plant. And, as many procedures are not singularly-based, we have experience in building collaborative simulations for training where multiple trainees can work together to achieve a task or goal from remote locations. Contact DDA Interactive™ today to learn more about our simulation services as well as our long list of interactive training media and technologies.