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Interactive Webcast Training Tools

A major component of corporate and medical training is, and always will be, the sharing of information and knowledge by key opinion leaders in the field.  These conferences, however, often result in hours of event planning and costly travel expenditures, taxing both the host and the attendees’ financial and time resources. Interactive educational webcasts can change all this by providing organizations with a technology-based training tool that enables individuals the ability to instantly stream a speech or presentation to viewers situated across the globe. Not only will organizations save on costs, but expose their message to a greater audience with this interactive computer-based training approach.

DDA Interactive’s™ Live Training Webcast Services
As a full-service interactive technologies provider, DDA Interactive™ possesses the skill-set required to build powerful webcast training tools. From video production services to website design and development, our staff will handle all requests in-house, including on-location footage capture, interface build, and custom programming. Read on to discover what interactive training technologies are available to you by choosing DDA Interactive™.

  • On-location Footage Capture: Our team of experienced video experts will travel on-site to capture footage of your presentation and transmit the material live to your captive viewing audience. With professional mobile video equipment, you can rest easy knowing the lighting, sound, and picture will be of exceptional quality.
  • Graphical User Interface: DDA Interactive™ builds attractive and easy to use interfaces that house your webcast and offer both administrators and viewers enhanced presentation controls.
  • Online Registration: To track webcast attendees, DDA Interactive™ integrates registration forms so you’ll know who watched the presentation and for how long.
  • Robust Administrative Controls: Speakers commonly utilize visual aids, PowerPoint, video, and more to reinforce and support critical discussion points. With DDA Interactive™ webcasts, continue to use these tools with our media-rich functionalities that enable the display of a number of multimedia tools—be it video, PowerPoint, or images—at the touch of a button.
  • Real-time Two-way Communication: To maintain the benefits of face-to-face interaction, DDA Interactive™ integrates live chats. Here, viewers can submit questions and presenters can respond.
  • Post-Presentation Reporting: From monitoring the level of registered users to tracking their time spent viewing the program, know in an instant the webcast’s level of success with comprehensive presentation reporting.
  • Webcast Archiving: Store webcasts in a resource library so trainees that missed the presentation can view the material at a later date and return to it for reference or further clarification.

No communication is more effective than face-to-face interaction. DDA Interactive’s™ professional webcasting services maintain these benefits while reducing the time and financial strains of in-person events.  Contact DDA Interactive™ today to learn more about this powerful training communication tool.