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Scenario- & Situation-based Training Simulations

Everyday, workers are faced with difficult situations they do not know how to handle. As a result, quality customer service and production efficiency is often sacrificed in the name of employee inexperience. With the help of DDA Interactive™, a full-service training technologies provider, prepare employees  for possible working situations through scenario-based interactive training simulations. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained through eLearning simulations, employees will handle complicated and unexpected nuances with ease. Read on to discover how DDA Interactive’s™ technology- and web-based training simulations can drastically improve the competence of your workforce through innovative training technologies.

Whether you are an industrial manufacturer or a healthcare professional, exceptional service and workplace efficiencies are a result of a highly skilled staff. When a problem arises, it should be answered with experience and decisive action. Achieve this outcome with DDA Interactive™. Our capabilities as an interactive training systems provider are vast. Under one roof, we carry out all training simulation requests, from the development of life-like virtual worlds to the implementation of programming that injects life into these interactive learning environments. As our specialty rests within the design and development of custom eLearning and training programs, DDA Interactive™ is the one training courseware developer that can answer the needs of all industries—be it  medical or corporate.

DDA Interactive’s™ Training & Simulation  Services:

Custom Illustration & Animation: With an in-house team of professional graphics artists and animators, DDA Interactive™ builds realistic virtual environments that capture the look, feel, and components of your organization’s working environment.

Custom Programming: A successful simulation should mimic real-world working scenarios and that takes a team of highly skilled eLearning professionals. DDA Interactive™ programmers integrate customized functionalities that offer trainees the ability to navigate through virtual situation-based simulations and respond to a number of scenarios with highly interactive tools. From collaborative learning environments where multiple trainees work as a team to individual training platforms, DDA Interactive™ can custom program a training simulation for diverse needs, including:

  • Emergency response simulations & simulators
  • Selling simulations
  • Customer service simulations
  • Inner office communication simulations
  • Leadership simulations
  • And more

Discover the difference of interactive training platforms and partner with DDA Interactive™ for simulation-based scenario training. With a slew of interactive capabilities that include services like 3D and 2D animation, custom programming, video capture and editing, graphic design, and illustrations, you’ll find it hard to hit upon a provider that can match the breadth and quality of services of DDA Interactive™.