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Simulation for Interactive Technology-based Training Programs

Simulation training is not just an interactive technology used by aviation and government industries. It is a computer-based training tool that can greatly enhance skill levels in all segments of service. Whether you are training an employee on the use of an expensive piece of equipment or instructing a healthcare professional on a lifesaving procedure, simulation-based training environments offer a safe platform in which learners can perfect and sharpen their knowledge and skills. As a responsible organization, your objective is to secure an experienced and competent workforce. As an innovative interactive multimedia training technologies provider, our purpose is to help your organization meet this outcome through virtual simulation training solutions.

Why Simulation eLearning & Training?

Even the most competent of individuals needs practice before successfully mastering a task. You may possess the basic knowledge to carry out a procedure, but without seasoned experience, your initial attempts are bound to contain errors.  If you are a healthcare professional, these errors could result in patient harm. If you are a device operator, mistakes can endanger your well-being as well as the integrity of the machine. If practice makes perfect, then provide a training approach that puts trainee knowledge to the test with simulation training systems developed by the eLearning specialists at DDA Interactive™.

  • Simulated Procedural Training: For tasks that require strict procedural adherence, exercise trainee skill-sets with eLearning simulations. Here, users will learn how their actions and decisions affect entire processes.
  • Device Simulations: Before a new employee sets hands on an expensive piece of equipment, validate their capability with device simulations.
  • Scenario Simulations: Prepare trainees for emergency response situations, common sale scenarios, and more with circumstance-based training platforms.

Why DDA Interactive™?

Simulation training development requires a highly-capable interactive training systems provider that exhibits a wealth of knowledge in virtual graphic development and complex programming. You’ll find these qualities at DDA Interactive™ . When the concept of virtual environments was in its infancy, DDA Interactive™ embraced the technology and mastered its use to now offer our clients a variety of simulation services. With an in-house team of talented artists, animators, and custom programmers, all required capabilities are found under one roof.