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Interactive Media: Text & Graphics

Today’s strides in technology- and web-based training technologies have ushered in a new era of interactive learning environments. What was once a platform dominated by passive, text-based learning material, is now an interactive training system chocked-full of multimedia eLearning tools. When we think of words and images we think of static, passive modes of instruction. But with DDA Interactive™, specialists in eLearning training programs and courses, text and illustrations become interactive, melding with other program components and prompting user input for a training experience that is as engaging as it is informative.

  • Active Text: Imagine a training portal that reacts to text selection. Instead of being inundated with paragraph after paragraph of lengthy copy, you’re offered brief, concise statements that expand to reveal more information when moused over. Or, as a spokesperson rattles off  material, text jumps forward, reinforcing critical topics and when selected, offers additional reference material to further your understanding of a training topic. At DDA Interactive™, we’ve infused text with interactivity making it far more than a static instructional tool. Whether synched with narration or animated and programmed to react to user input, content has never been more engaging or interactive.  
  • Active Images: Images and illustrations have long been a staple in training programs and courseware. They provide not only visual reference, but attractive aesthetics that captured the attention of trainees. Now, with online interactive learning and training technologies, visuals are brought to life through custom programming. The possibilities are limitless. Have portions of an image morph or expand upon user selection to demonstrate the workings of a device or component. Fuse text, imagery, sound, and more with the multimedia learning resources available to you with DDA Interactive™ for a synchronous presentation that addresses all the senses.

Bring your facility to the forefront of computer-based training with DDA Interactive™

Long gone are the days of printed training material and in are the days of interactive multimedia elearning tools that redefine how organizations learn. With capabilities that extend far beyond interactive text and imagery, DDA Interactive’s™ list of technologies run the gamut of interactive technologies including, but not limited to, interactive training videos and animation, virtual simulations, on-demand assessment tools, and much more. Whether you combine these tools together for a synchronous and powerful multimedia presentation or use them as stand alone training platforms, with DDA Interactive™ behind the design and development, you can expect nothing less than perfection.