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Training Blogs by DDA Interactive™

Social media applications have consumed the pastimes of web users spanning the globe. Through one interface, registered users can communicate with thousands in the comfort of their home or office, opening up the lines of communication to a level that has never before been realized.  The interactive training program specialist, DDA Interactive™, has leveraged this technology and applied it to online interactive training platforms. With community building tools such as an interactive personal training blog, trainees, employees, and supervisors can post relevant discussions, offering their valuable insight, tactics, and support to members of the training community.

Why Interactive Training Blogs?

With today’s reliance on technology, many predicted the downfall of social communication. Some foresaw a society of individuals shut off from peers as a result of their technological obsession. But the emergence of social media has proven otherwise. Now, individuals partake in a number of social networks, sharing photos, blogs, music preferences, and more with members of the interactive community. Blogs for training apply this very tactic to promote professional discussions amongst colleagues and management. Here, employees can share success stories, pose questions, and voice concerns to receive immediate feedback from experienced and seasoned professionals.

Blogs for Training Features:

  • Administrative Control: DDA Interactive™ builds robust blog administrations that enable supervisors the ability to monitor entries, edit submissions, create categories, add or suspend user privileges, track usage, and much more. As the needs of organizations vary, we specialize in tailored solutions. From reporting functionality to sorting mechanisms, we’ll program the administrative capabilities you need to achieve the results you desire.
  • Media Capable: As an innovator in interactive training technologies and systems, DDA Interactive™ builds training blog platforms that support an array of digital media. Have employees upload training video blogs captured from their webcam; embed links to relevant industry articles; post illustrative images, documents, sound clips, and more for an engaging blogging interface that is so much more than text based.

Interactive Blogs on Training and Beyond

DDA Interactive™ is a full-service computer- and technology-based training programs provider. That said, our capabilities extend far beyond training communication tools to include medical and corporate simulations, interactive eLearning courseware, assessment tools, training videos, and more. With DDA Interactive™, bring your facility to the forefront of training technologies for maximum and measurable results.