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Interactive Training Communities & Collaborative Learning Environments

With the advent of web- and technology-based training programs, corporate and medical facilities experienced strong ROIs as a result of reduced training personnel and time expenditures. With one tool, organizations can now train across multiple departments with relative ease and efficiency. The problem, however, rests in the loss of face-to-face interactions. The self-guided nature of eLearning courseware has been criticized for its tendency to isolate trainees from what many consider the most valuable resource of all, experienced employees. Eliminate this risk with the help of DDA Interactive™. The interactive training programs and courses we build promote trainee-to-teacher, teacher-to-trainee, and trainee-to-trainee interactions. Through the integration of community-building mechanisms, corporate and medical organizations can reap the benefits of online interactive training all while upholding the lines of communication so crucial to effective learning.

DDA Interactive’s™ eLearning community tools encourage employees to speak up, ask questions, and collaborate through personal training blogs, forums, webcasts, and other mechanisms of communication. Regardless of location, fellow employees and managers can respond to discussion topics and answer questions in a matter of seconds. Here’s how:

  • Interactive Training Blogs: Facilitate the sharing of valuable employee knowledge with the integration of training blogs into interactive computer-based training modules. Whether an employee posts an entry concerning a particular challenge they encountered or a senior associate offers valuable tips to common work challenges, the benefits gained will be exponential. As DDA Interactive™ specializes in all things multimedia, blogs are not limited to text entries. Post video blogs, upload supporting reference material, illustrations, and more with a powerful interactive blogging interface developed by the eLearning professionals at DDA Interactive™.
  • Training Forums: Encourage discussion with interactive training forums. Here employees can post topics and receive timely responses from fellow trainees and administrators. With topic sorting tools and archiving capability, DDA Interactive ™ training forums can be easily navigated and used time and again as a reliable source of training information and material.
  • Interactive Webcasts: Reduce costly travel expenses with interactive training webcasts. Film conferences and announcements made by key opinion leaders and broadcast their messages live to employees spanning the globe. With DDA Interactive™ webcasts, the interactivity does not end there; viewers can submit questions to the speaker and have their comments answered live.

DDA Interactive™ offers cutting edge eLearning technologies that transform outdated approaches to advanced training applications. From interactive community tools such as blogs, forums, and webcasts to medical and corporate simulations and games, we are the answer to professional interactive training systems and solutions.

Synchronous media is the use of video synchronized with text and images to present rich multimedia eLearning content that captures and keeps attention. DDA is an early adopter of synchronized media in medical eLearning platforms, and continues to promote its use for medical eLearning course content which needs to be precisely understood and remembered, detail by detail. Synchronous media affords the end user more control over their experience, allowing them to open and close those media channels most relevant to them, thus enhancing the self-directed learning approach that keeps them personally involved in learning the content. Synchronous media eLearning allows for flexible use of personal libraries, where image, text, document, and even video content can be specifically saved for an individual user’s later review, so they can focus on the material which is most important and/or most challenging to them. DDA provides all services in the creation of its synchronous media eLearning platforms, including casting on-screen and voice-over talent and recording all video and audio either on location or at its own video studios. When you need to ensure that your audience has a firm grip on all the details of an eLearning course, choose DDA to design and develop a custom synchronous media eLearning platform for you. Contact DDA today.

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