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eLearning and Online Training Forums

By definition, Internet forums are web-based discussion areas in which moderators can pose questions or post topics and receive feedback from fellow members of the forum community. They are an excellent means of sharing information to a broad audience and receiving input from people of like interests and experiences. That said, forums can serve as a valuable training aid in online interactive eLearning platforms. Regardless of location or time of day, trainees have a resource in which to turn to ask questions and receive timely responses by those who know the industry best—fellow employees.

As a full-service provider of interactive training technologies and eLearning systems, DDA Interactive™ recognizes the pivotal role communication plays in successful training initiatives. That’s why the training program specialists at DDA Interactive™ develop technology-based training tools, like forums, that keep employees connected. Read on to learn about the online interactive training forum features offered by DDA Interactive™:

  • Administrative Controls: DDA Interactive™ builds customized behind the scene controls that enable administrators the ability to create groups, grant access privileges, and monitor use through one easy to use interface.   Do you wish to approve all discussion topics and thread responses before they are made accessible to the public? Do you desire an easy way to extract data on usage by registered users?  No problem. Whatever the request, DDA Interactive’s™ custom programming capabilities ensure any and all requests will be answered with solidly programmed solutions.
  • Multimedia-Based:  With a DDA Interactive™ eLearning sales or management training forum, don’t limit yourselves to text-based entries. Post videos, images, audio and more to support an important training subject or topic.
  • Customized Forum Designs: Match the visual identity of your organization or facility with customized forum skins designed and developed by the degreed artists at DDA Interactive™. Additionally, identify users at a glance with avatar-based or customized member icons.

Integrate community building tools into your web-based eLearning program with DDA Interactive™. With such broad training capabilities and a commitment to maintaining innovative, affordable, and quality services, no other training programs and courseware provider can compare.