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Interactive Technology-based Training & Virtual Games

Interactive games have long since been synonymous with entertainment, and in recent years, have been adopted by the medical and corporate world as a means to improve employee training & education. And why not? The interactive nature of gaming not only hones employee skills, but encourages trainee participation by offering an engaging interactive learning environment that employees actually want to use. Not only can virtual training games be used to improve tactile employee skills, such as medical device and equipment operation, but cognitive skills as well, including selling tactics, customer service approaches, and leadership abilities. Put the power of game-based training to work and experience the benefits of a more informed and proficient work force.

DDA Interactive™, a multimedia training systems developer, specializes in the design and implementation of technology-based training and eLearning solutions, including business and medical training games. Whether your organization is in the market for sales or leadership training game platforms, DDA Interactive’s™ full-service interactive capabilities makes us a provider that can be counted on for exceptional results. From detailed 2D and 3D animated virtual environments to avatar development and custom programming, DDA Interactive’s™ staff possesses the knowledge and experience required for virtual training game development.

Realistic, Immersive & Interactive Gaming Environments

DDA Interactive’s™ ability to create simulated environments through 2D and 3D animation and illustration enables us to develop realistic worlds that are specific to your organization’s needs. From the development of a virtual office setting to the creation of a realistic control room, our team of talented graphic artists and animators works closely with each client to replicate accurate working environments. We then integrate complex programming that enables trainees to perform specific tasks that will sharpen their skills and make them better prepared to tackle everyday work challenges.

Collaborative- or Independent-Based

Every working environment is unique and requires a specific set of skills. In some professional settings, a sole employee may be responsible for the implementation of a task, whereas in other organizations, a group may be required to combine their expertise and knowledge. That’s why DDA Interactive™ offers individual- or collaborative-based training platforms to fit the specific needs of various industries. Have a team of employees from remote locations refine their group skills with online sales or management training games, or for self-based training topics, offer interactive virtual environments in which an employee can refine his or her skills.

Choose DDA Interactive™ today and better train and motivate your employees tomorrow. Our wealth of capabilities and commitment to excellence guarantees highly immerse and effective training and gaming environments proven to increase comprehension and memory retention.