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Training videos are no longer defined as linear presentations where the most interaction to be had is with the disk menu and chapter selection. With advancements in flash technology and custom programming, training on video can be infused with interactivity, reacting to the user’s input and rewarding actions with engaging technology-based training tools. DDA Interactive™ melds our expertise in video production and editing with our capabilities as a full-service programming provider to develop interactive video-based training courses for corporate and medical industries alike. From mapped interactive video learning environments, where people and objects can be selected to reveal further information, to exploratory and customizable video presentations, where the user can alter camera views, lighting, and sound, DDA Interactive™ is the training programs provider that promises to deliver stellar results.

  • Synchronous Interactive Video Solutions:  DDA Interactive™ is a strong supporter of multimedia-based training. Instead of choosing one computer-based eLearning platform to educate your employees, we say, use them all. By combining video with text, images, animation, narration, and sound, trainees are offered a far more engaging stage that piques attentions for a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. And with integrated controls, employees can disable media platforms to arrive at an eLearning system that suits their training preference.
  • Mapped Interactive Video Education: This approach, most commonly seen with images, pinpoints objects within a video presentation that can be selected to reveal further information—be it supporting text and  images or another video presentation. What’s the benefit? At any point in a presentation, trainees can seek further clarification the moment a question is formed.
  • Exploratory Video Training Tools: Ever wish you could adjust the camera angle, lighting, or viewpoint during a video presentation? Now, with the training video production expertise of DDA Interactive™, you can. By modularizing video presentations and prompting users to take action, trainees can explore a video setting to better view components of an environment. Other customizable features include zoom, angle, lighting, and volume balance and level controls. And to further enhance the learning experience, have a video spokesperson offer links, quizzes, and other interactive training technologies that must be completed to further the video presentation.

DDA Interactive™: A Full-service Provider of Interactive eLearning & Training Systems

Over the years, DDA has evolved and expanded our services to include traditional marketing and advertising, video production, training, programming, and website design and development for both the corporate and medical worlds. With such a solid backing in all the aforementioned technologies, our talented and degreed staff can carry out any and all requests in-house. Don’t rely on an interactive eLearning provider that can only take your requests so far; instead, partner with DDA Interactive™ and elevate your organization’s training initiative to greater, more effective heights.