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Multimedia and Learning: The DDA Interactive™ Way

The success of any interactive training program is hinged on its ability to engage the user.  When trainees are not engrossed in the presented educational material, you run the risk of a disinterested, unfocused audience.  What is needed is an interactive learning environment that compels users to pay attention and take action. DDA Interactive™ achieves such a platform with multimedia-rich learning systems.  As preferred methods of training vary by student, it would be a mistake to rely on a single mechanism of training. Instead, turn to the computer-based training expertise of DDA Interactive™, and address all learning styles with one interactive training tool. Through the combined use of multimedia eLearning tools, trainees can absorb information via a variety of technology-based training mechanisms, including but not limited to, interactive video training, narration, and animation.

Interactive Synchronous Media & eLearning: An In Depth Look

To maximize the effectiveness of an eLearning program, DDA Interactive™ has taken a cutting edge approach to training. Instead of utilizing a single methodology of training, we’ve combined multimedia learning tools into a highly engaging synchronous presentation. As text appears on the screen, so does supporting imagery, narration, and video for a learning experience that addresses all of the senses. Plus, with embedded interactive user controls, trainees are in control of the information they see. With the ability to disable the varying multimedia eLearning techniques, users can customize the delivery of information to match their preferred learning style—be it the full interactive multimedia experience or one refined to specific tastes.

  • Text & Graphics: With an in-house staff of degreed technical and creative copywriters, DDA Interactive™ has extensive experience in training content development. From the formulation of text relaying the operation of a highly complex medical device to copy outlining policies and procedures, DDA Interactive™ will craft material that is clear, informative, and concise. But the creation of well-written copy is only step one; step two involves the implementation of delivery. Instead of offering trainees pamphlets, booklets, and folders of printed training material, DDA Interactive™ has digitized the process. Informative text is fused with supporting narration and imagery and as the presentation progresses forward, users are prompted to interact with links, navigational tools, and other interactive mechanisms that transform this passive training approach into a highly immersive experience.
  • Interactive Video Training & Animation: Don’t ask trainees to conceptualize hard to grasp topics, clearly define material with interactive training videos and animations. As part of a synchronous eLearning presentation, video and animations correspond with text and narration, offering invaluable visual cues. Additionally, you can spark user involvement with interactive questions, links, and buttons that reinforce critical topics for maximum comprehension and lasting memory retention. And as we are a full-service interactive training systems provider, clients of DDA Interactive™ will not have to look elsewhere for professional video production. Our staff is comprised of expert video technicians, graphic artists, and animators for results that are of Hollywood caliber.

Regardless of the training material or industry, successful training is dependent upon your ability to capture and hold the attention of your audience. DDA Interactive’s™ synchronous multimedia approach delivers on this promise by addressing all mechanisms of training. Whether an individual prefers text-based instruction or step-by-step videos, they’ll find the information they need in the training style they prefer with an eLearning program developed by DDA Interactive™. Find out more about the eLearning possibilities that are available to you by contacting us today.