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Find Viable Candidates and Fill Job Positions Quickly with Virtual Career Fairs

Outside of posting available positions on your company website or your local newspaper, searching through hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes either sent to you from a recruiter or made available on networking sites like Monster.com, lies the opportunity to participate with or host a job fair or career expo. However, with the associated costs of travel and promotional or informational items, real-world career fairs may not be a feasible option. This is where virtual career fairs serve as an invaluable asset. DDA Interactive™ is an advertising and marketing agency centered on providing high-technology solutions through feature-rich interactive multimedia services. We can develop an online virtual career fair in a 3D environment to simulate a job fair one would experience in real life.

Stand-alone Virtual Career Fairs Speak for Themselves

With a virtual career fair designed and developed by DDA Interactive™, users can visit your company’s booth, view a summary of positions, click for a specific position to find out more information, post a resume and interact directly with a company representative through video or text chat. Whether you have a few key positions to fill or you need to employ an entirely new staff in the midst of an upcoming grand opening, an interactive virtual career fair can be an ideal way for you to learn more about interested candidates and vice versa without the need for a face-to-face interview. Through sophisticated 3D visualization and immersive simulation development, the environment can be true-to-life, professional, and engaging, but through advanced multimedia technology and programming services, the interaction can be customized to meet your needs.

Virtual Job Fairs as an Integrated Solution

A great way to improve the exposure of your organization and job availability is by integrating your virtual career expo within an interactive live virtual event simulation or a 3D virtual trade show environment. Seminars and trade shows are ideal networking opportunities and when these events are translated to interactive online experiences, the number of attendees increases exponentially. A virtual job fair or career expo is a natural extension of web-based corporate or healthcare events, enabling users to interact with your organization in unique capacities and encouraging those eager to join the team to learn more about available jobs, projects in need of assistance, and so on. At our interactive marketing and advertising agency, integrated solutions are not simply a service, but a core principle of our business. For more information, see Interactive Integration™.