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Immersive Virtual Environments: Where Interaction, Promotion, and Information Merge

In today’s fast-paced digital world, holding audience attention can be a daunting challenge. Immersive virtual environments created by DDA Interactive™ are the surefire solution to engage viewers if not from start to finish, long enough to ascertain the targeted marketing message or training information they need to initiate the desired call-to-action. Immersive virtual environments require multimedia technologies, such as 3D visualization and animation, simulation and interaction – in the form of user control or personalization – and audio and video production. Through combined sensory stimuli – sight, sound, and touch – your users will best exhibit the natural cognitive ability to perform focused attention and peripheral perception simultaneously. Online immersive virtual environments enable users to listen, read, and explore the information presented in a way that works best for them, all while keeping them interested, and encouraging them to stay and enjoy. And at our interactive marketing and advertising agency, this is key in producing positive audience response.

In immersive virtual environments, users can interact by…

  • opening or closing, selecting or deselecting, enlarging or minimizing a series of items on screen.
  • stopping, pausing, playing, or replaying video and audio.
  • downloading and saving or printing items of interest.
  • controlling directional movement in a simulation.
  • synching multimedia elements together for a full presentation experience.

Application Dictates the Type of Virtual Environment

Whether you’d like to imitate an actual purchasing process or simulate a typical on-site meeting, the possibilities in immersive and interactive media are seemingly endless. DDA Interactive™ applies technical skill in advanced technologies and creative conceptualization in the development of entertaining or learning solutions, so that the environment mimics an experience one would have with your organization in real life, but with added features and functionality never before imagined. The complexity of your online environment can range from a video spokesperson filmed on green screen and edited to include a photo-realistic, illustrated, or animated background to a completely simulated 3D virtual world. Regardless of whether your objective is educational or promotional, your audience will not consist of passive participants, but of actively engaged users that are absorbed in an experience they will remember and return to again and again. Contact us for the interactive media services that will help you transform real-world experiences into virtual reality through immersive online environments.