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Hold Live Events in Virtual Environments with DDA Interactive™

Conduct live, highly interactive conferences and seminars online for large and small groups of dispersed people based across the country or around the world. DDA Interactive™ is an advertising and marketing agency focused on feature-rich interactive multimedia and immersive virtual simulation environments to make business operations runs more efficient, enhance brand awareness, and generate valuable leads. With DDA Interactive™ virtual corporate and medical event services, your attendees can interact through text or video chat, business card exchange, blogs, forums, group chat with moderated, scheduled, private and public formats, and more. Our team of designers and providers will help you turn any concept into a successful 3D experience in virtual reality.

Spend less of your marketing budget with virtual events. Reserving and/or renting event space and purchasing promotional materials and equipment can equate to a rather costly marketing initiative; all this for a one-time event. With today’s interactive technology and the multimedia development and programming services of DDA Interactive™, there’s a better way to spend your marketing budget. We’ll help you develop a virtual event that can be revised, edited, and updated to accommodate this and future events, so that the cost is a one-time fee.

Save on emissions from unnecessary traveling with online interactive media. As more of us become conscientious of preserving the environment, businesses are taking necessary steps to reduce employee travelling and consequently, their carbon footprint. Without leaving your office, live virtual events created by our interactive marketing and advertising agency will allow you to connect groups of people and allow them to connect with you in a way that mimics real-world experiences.

Reach innumerable amounts of people through the development of interactive environments. With virtual events, decisions regarding questions, such as “Where should we hold the event?” or “What time of the year will provide us with the most attendees?” or “How will we find a facility large enough for our group?” are made easy. Hold the event online in a virtual environment and issues of location, convenience, and accommodation are resolved.

Provide access to information 24/7 with online visualization and immersive simulation. As virtual event providers, we can develop your interactive environment so that it is live over a predetermined amount of time or so that it can be accessed on demand for those unable to attend. In this way, it can serve as a venue for immediate interaction and visualization, as well as source of reference information accessible 24/7 from any computer connected to the Internet.