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Occupy a Virtual Office Online and Connect your Business on a Global Scale

Does your company have remote employees or international divisions? Do you want to maintain your business online as opposed to renting an expensive brick-and-mortar office space? If you’ve answered yes to the questions above, then consider investing in the development of a virtual office solution from DDA Interactive™. With 3D visualization and interactive simulation technology, we can create a virtual office that mimics your most professional facility or brings your concepts of what an office could be to life, or we can produce a more standardized version that simply serves its purpose and gets the job done. Regardless of your objective, your virtual office will be a place that facilitates day-to-day tasks, connects members of your organization, and enhances productivity.

Instead of futuristic cityscape simulations or gaming environments, virtual office portal websites feature conference tables, appointment calendars, departmental workspaces, and more. Using remote computers connected by the Internet, work that has traditionally been done on a local machine is expedited more efficiently in a virtual office. There are many ways your users can interact in a virtual office environment. Listed below are a few examples:

Instant Message Time-sensitive Information – DDA Interactive™ can program online tools that allow you to send instant messages to co-workers just as quickly (if not more so) than making a phone call. Here, as long as members are active, the exchange of information is immediate.

Share Documents and Data – With file transfer protocol (FTP) website access and an integrated document library, users are able to download and upload documents and data to share with staff members involved in a given project or reference and share information on an as-needed basis.

Post Messages on Individual or Departmental Blogs – Offer a more personalized perspective, inform viewers on project status, or provide constructive criticism by posting individual or departmental blogs private only to those in your virtual office community. 

Video Conference One-on-One or in a Group Environment – Transform verbal communication into visual correspondence with video conference technology. Using video conference services, you can discuss projects with another member of your department or participate on a more global level by conferencing in on group meetings.

Webcast Important Presentations and Get Viewers Involved – Convey important marketing or procedural messages to a large employee audience with a live webcast that enables viewers to get involved by asking questions or taking surveys in real time.

Unlike any other interactive marketing and advertising agency, DDA Interactive™ effectively combines creative talent and technical skill to produce interactive media services that provide practical solutions that work for businesses in all sectors. Contact us and see how we can transform your company into a 3D virtual office that is immersive and engaging and can surpass just about any real-world environment in terms of accessibility, interactivity, productivity, and so on.

Virtual medical simulations represent the pinnacle of medical eLearning. Combining live-action video, voice-over narration, custom 3D environments, 3D models, 2D and 3D animation, virtual reality, gamified skills testing, certification, and more, virtual medical simulations represent the core of what DDA is all about: combining creative and technical disciplines to execute robust interactive multimedia platforms with beautiful aesthetics and engaging dynamics that make for richly rewarding and memorable experiences. DDA pioneered virtual medical simulation technology, and its exceptional work in the field earned it the first issued Tabby Award for Best iPad Healthcare App in 2012, for the Philips Health XperGuide VMS. Contact DDA today to learn more about what virtual medical simulations can do for your organization.

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