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Take your Trade Shows Virtual with DDA Interactive™

Does your company participate in regular trade show events? If so, then you know the advertising effort is significant as they require a considerable portion of a marketing budget for the development and production of trade show booths, displays, and other promotional materials, as well as travel expenses for participating staff members. Such costs can be drastically reduced with a 3D virtual web trade show from DDA Interactive™. Not to mention, our online trade shows can eliminate time spent out of the office on the road, so your employees are able to devote their skills in other areas of the business.

Create a Virtual Trade Show that is better than the Best Real-world Display
Unlike virtual trade show companies that build template products, requiring businesses to alter their plans to accommodate a predetermined design, DDA Interactive™ is a full service marketing and advertising agency focused on customization, rich interactive media, and advanced technology. Our team of creative and technical professionals will work with you to understand your current marketing vision and help you conceptualize an immersive online trade show environment that goes beyond a simulation of a real-world experience. Your virtual trade show can include interactive programming applications and 3D visualization that actively engages your target audience in your marketing message. Aside from visually stimulating, your web trade show will provide users with the opportunity to explore the environment in a personalized way by accessing videos, audio, PowerPoint presentations, product or service data sheets, your company’s website, and more.

Track Online Trade Show Analytics to Learn More Information about your Consumer Groups
In the development of your virtual trade show, DDA Interactive™ can implement a full administrative system with tracking and reporting mechanisms. This system will provide you with information on the traffic of your online virtual trade show and on user booth and panel click-throughs to measure the success of each category or specific product or service presentation. Such information can help you determine the level of exposure your trade show received and whether an area needs to be revised to draw more consumer attention or removed to make room for a new product or service that may be of greater interest. This system also provides you with content management capabilities so you can update elements as needed. And as users register for the trade show and upcoming events, you’ll receive demographic and contact information that you can use to support other marketing strategies.