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Interactive Avatar Game Design & Development

Over the years, game complexity has evolved from single player-based platforms to complex multi-player communities. During this evolution of gaming technology, avatar-based systems have gained widespread appeal. With the ability to mold a character, users have control over physical appearances, wardrobe selections, profile information and much more, resulting in a gaming experience that is highly personal and immensely interactive. But avatar-based gaming can serve purposes beyond entertainment. From corporate and medical training games to viral games designed for promotional exposure, enormous potential lies in interactive avatar games developed by the marketing and advertising agency at the forefront of cutting-edge technology—DDA  Interactive™.

DDA Interactive™: The Game Developer Specializing in Customized Solutions

Interactive design and game development demands a team of highly-skilled professionals. Not only does it require the talents of a design and animation staff, but also a team of degreed programmers and testers and at DDA Interactive™, rest easy knowing you have access to all of this under one capable roof.  With a solid understanding of the latest interactive technologies and media, DDA Interactive™ generates avatar-based games that stun players with top-notch graphics and hooks users with easy-to-use gaming controls. Read on to learn how avatar-based gaming can be applied to your business for maximum success.  

  • Interactive Games with Avatars for Training: Are you struggling to convey complex training material? Then partner with DDA Interactive™ and develop interactive online games for corporate and medical training. Workers can develop a personal avatar and hone their skills in a simulated and safe training environment. And for group-based tasks, employees can work to accomplish a virtual assignment as a team with community-based training platforms.
  • Promotional Avatars Games: DDA Interactive™ can help your organization stand out as unique with interactive avatar game development. Whether showcased on your company website or transmitted virally through social communities, avatar games can increase brand awareness, communicate subtle marketing messages, and foster a loyal fan base.

Contact DDA Interactive™ today to leverage avatar-based gaming for your organization’s advantage.