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Interactive Promotional Game Development by DDA Interactive™

There is no denying it; games are an enjoyable form of entertainment and a favorite pastime of many web users. And today, with the prevalence of portable devices, smart phones, and the popularity of social networking solidly cemented into the everyday agendas of people worldwide, the potential for widespread game use is larger than ever before. So why not leverage this medium to your organization’s advantage with interactive games developed for promotional use?

As a full-service interactive marketing and advertising agency that specializes in all things innovative, DDA Interactive™ is the online game developer to be trusted for industry-leading results. Since 1994, our talented staff of marketing experts has helped countless of organizations establish brands and solid marketing campaigns. If you then combine that skill with our expertise in interactive game programming and Flash technology, you have a provider that can achieve promotional games that possess the perfect blend of entertainment value and marketing benefit.

DDA Interactive™: Experienced Promotional Game Developers

  • Individual or Community-Based: DDA Interactive™ develops promotional games in your choice of player platforms—be it individual- or community-based. Have game users interact with other players through message systems and score boards or keep things simple with isolated games that keep running tabs on scores and performance.
  • Designed for Maximum Appeal: With an in-house team of designers and animators, promotional games look professional and are successful in communicating your organization’s brand and corporate identity. Plus, our talented team of programmers infuses complex functionality so DDA Interactive™ developed games respond quickly to user input.
  • Subtle but Powerful: DDA’s experienced marketing team will develop subtle messages that raise awareness of your product or brand without turning-off the user. Game themes will succeed in echoing the benefits of your product or service but will not lose the entertainment factor that is so vital to viral success. 

Whether designed for viral distribution or used as an interactive feature on your company’s website, know you’ll receive results you can be proud to put your name on with DDA Interactive™. Contact us today to learn more.