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Virtual Reality Games by DDA Interactive™

Virtual reality, in simplest terminology, can be described as a sensory technology in which users interact with a computer-simulated virtual environment. As such, interactive virtual reality-based games showcase highly immersive and responsive platforms. Since its initial introduction, virtual reality technology has undergone several evolutions to arrive at the platform we know and appreciate today—an effective and engaging means of information dissemination, location and experience simulation, and a popular form of game-based entertainment. But what many don’t know is the number of ways virtual reality can be applied to your organization’s business and marketing model to increase audience interest both internally and externally. Introduce 3D virtual reality-based games to your training program and witness an increase in employee comprehension and capability. Or, post an online virtual reality game to your company website and spark interest among your target audience. Whether applied for training betterment or promotional gain, the benefits of virtual reality games are many and exponential when designed and developed by DDA Interactive™, a leading marketing and advertising agency.

The Ingredients for 3D Virtual Reality Game Success

To achieve a believable and immersive virtual reality environment, you need access to an experienced artist, animation specialist, and team of programmers. Enter DDA Interactive™. With an unlimited resource of talent in interactive technologies, media, and services, clients of DDA Interactive™ can feel confident knowing they have a world-class studio spearheading the development of life-like virtual reality games for training or promotional use.

In virtual reality games, users can interact by…

  • Navigating through a 3D animated space
  • Selecting, deselecting, and controlling on-screen virtual objects, devices, and equipment
  • Communicating with online players to accomplish a group-based task
  • Adjusting screen angel views and zoom
  • And more

Measuring Success: Integrated Tracking Metrics

To measure the return on your investment, DDA Interactive™ can integrate a behind-the-scenes administrative review area that tracks the number of registered users, the level of the virtual reality course obtained, and the length of time users spent utilizing the application. This data can not only provide validation of your investment, but can also be used to identify needed areas of improvement. What’s more, the registration information obtained provides valuable insight into your target audiences demographic. Contact DDA Interactive™ today to learn more about our breakthrough technology and capabilities in virtual reality games.