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Interactive Software Solutions: Project & Team Collaboration Software

If you are a firm that offers professional services for a variety of industries and audiences, you know first hand that keeping track of all assignments can be a dizzying experience. From monitoring deadlines and time expenditures to keeping tabs on all client and internal edits, order can quickly unravel when a solid review and tracking structure is lacking. Regain control by considering the custom programming and interactive software development expertise of DDA Interactive™. Replace cumbersome and ineffective review procedures today with powerful document collaboration software and tools designed and developed by the one company leading the way in interactive technologies, media, and services—DDA Interactive™.

Web-based Team Collaboration Software Programs & Solutions

Whether used solely as an internal tool to improve production efficiencies or externally as a way to share progress with clients, online collaboration software improves both employee-to-employee and employee-to-client interactions. With DDA Interactive™’s document collaboration software development, have one resource in which to track the amount of time spent on a project, organize document edits by user, and assign projects to various staff with ease. And through tiered log in privileges, control the level of access by group. From client log ins that reveal the status of a work in progress and offer review and editing tools to administrative features that tally invoices and issue proposals, no request will go unanswered when partnered with the custom programmers of  DDA Interactive™.

DDA Interactive’s™ Collaboration Software Technology:

  • Web-based platform enables 24-7 access to collaboration tools making it the perfect solution for organizations that outsource work to freelancers.
  • Project tracking tools that reflect the amount of time expended and remaining budget balance.
  • Robust editing tools that enable individuals the ability to make suggestions and mark the date and time these additions were made.
  • Assignment distribution tools make it easy to issue tasks to multiple employees with ease.
  • And More

Customized Software Development

DDA Interactive™ understands that every business and organization has a unique set of needs. As a result, pre-packaged software solutions often fail to provide the capability that can greatly increase production efficiencies. But with custom programmed software designed and developed by DDA Interactive™, find the perfect fit.