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Communication and networking is a major component of successful internal and external business operations. From reaching out to your current and potential client-base to networking with businesses in an effort to expand services, organized communication is-- and always will be—an essential ingredient for success and prosperity. So why not explore the realm of interactive communities as a means to improve and build upon your communication structure? Amplify internal connections with employee blogs and forums and reach out to captive audiences through interactive social mechanisms like viral video, web-based networks, and more with DDA Interactive™.

Blogs & Forums: Facilitate active discussions between colleagues, clients, and consumers with interactive blogs and forums. Whether used to communicate recent achievements, voice relevant industry news, or as a training aid, blogs and forums keep individuals connected and informed, offering not only a mechanism in which to publish the thoughts and opinions of knowledgeable employees, but a platform in which readers can respond. Additionally, the blogs and forums DDA Interactive™ builds support all forms of multimedia. Wish to embed a video or webcam recording into a blog? No problem. Do you desire to upload voice files, images, supporting documents, and more? With DDA Interactive™, a full-service interactive marketing and advertising agency, you can rest assured knowing we posses the in-house programming capability to deliver customized solutions that surpass the cookie cutter features found in pre-packaged software.

Viral Video: Adopt the concept of viral videos for your promotional efforts and expose your brand, product, or service en mass. DDA Interactive™ can build a web-based video platform that not only offers a showcase to display promotional videos you’ve produced, but provides a stage for your audience to exercise their creative muscle. And as DDA Interactive™ interfaces our platform with today’s leading social networks, members of the community can share videos with the touch of a button with other established web-based networks like Facebook®, MySpace®, and Twitter®.  Behind the scenes we’ll custom program comprehensive administrative capabilities so site managers can approve user submitted material before it is posted, analyze use, and extract reports with ease and efficiency.  

Social Networks: Tired of piggy-backing off of other social networks that don’t necessarily contain the member demographics of your target audience? Or, are you looking to make your own impact in this market with an original social networking platform? If you answered yes to any of the above, then DDA Interactive™ is your solution. Our solid background in all things digital and our expertise in marketing and advertising, positions DDA Interactive™ above other providers in terms of capability and quality of service.

Contact DDA Interactive™ today to learn more about our capabilities as a social networking platform developer.