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eCommerce Widgets Developed by DDA Interactive™

Online retail competition is fierce. With multiple websites offering the same or similar products, it can be a challenge to establish a foothold in this competitive marketplace. DDA Interactive™ can help you rise above the competition with widgets for eCommerce destinations that get you seen, and ultimately, improve your sales.  Whether you are in need of an interactive shopping widget that enhances the overall user experience, or a promotional widget that keeps potential consumers aware of current sales and new product launches, DDA Interactive™ is the one company that can continuously generate stellar results, thanks to our capabilities as a full-service programming provider.

The Many Forms of eCommerce and Shopping Widgets

Are you looking to provide your customers with a quick and easy way to locate a store? Or, are you trying to identify a novel way to customize and differentiate your eCommerce site form the competition’s. Then consider the benefits of interactive shopping widgets. The more useful tools you provide to the consumer, the higher the likelihood of a sale. Read on to learn how a shopping widget can increase your bottom line.

Promotional Widgets for eCommerce: Instead of deploying costly ad campaigns or email initiatives that more often than not end up in the trash, invest in eCommerce widget development. When published to a desktop, social network, blog, or website, potential consumers have access to current promotions, special offers, and new product notifications on a continuous basis. And don’t forget the viral aspect of widgets; the more compelling and interactive your application, the greater the possibility that your widget will be passed on through the avenues of social networks.

eCommerce Shopping Widgets: Imagine the ability to add an item to your cart from a Facebook page or MySpace page. With DDA Interactive™, it can be done. Instead of waiting for a consumer to visit your site, influence their buying impulses at any time with eCommerce shopping widgets. When a consumer’s interest is at its highest, offer them the ability to add a product to their cart from their desktop or social network profile page. We will then pass shoppers through to your secure site to finalize the purchase.

Entertaining eCommerce Widgets: Subtly influence your target consumer base with branded game-based widgets that communicate the benefits of your product or service in an entertaining way. For jewelry retailers, it could take the form of a customized ring widget that allows users to generate their dream engagement ring and send it along to friends. For a designer of custom wares, an outfit builder. With DDA Interactive™ backing the development of eCommerce widgets, there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Stand out, get noticed, and succeed with the help of DDA Interactive™. Contact us today to learn more about our interactive media and widget development services