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Interactive Software Solutions: Custom Intranet Development

Keeping the lines of communication open can be a challenge for any organization, from announcing new policies to posting important employee forms. Now, with the help of DDA Interactive™, a custom programming and interactive software development company, organizations can achieve the connectivity they’ve always desired through intranet programming and site development. Access employee contact information through comprehensive staff directories, download company documents and human resource forms from public libraries, and catch up on the latest news through RSS feeds and press releases. With DDA Interactive™ fueling the development of an intranet program, be confident knowing you’ll have the tools to operate at your highest capacity and efficiency.

Scalable or Customized Intranet Programs and Collaboration Software Development Solutions
As a specialist in interactive technologies, media, and services, DDA Interactive™ recognizes that collaboration is often the key to efficient and effective workplace environments. That being said, traditional mechanisms of communication often impede productivity rather than improve it. But with one central hub in which to turn for any all things business related, internal operations will be greatly improved.

  • Subscription-Based Intranet Software Solutions: Are you looking for an intranet that offers the modules you need to effectively facilitate communication? DDA Interactive’s™ intranet possesses the key tools every organization needs. With a file resource library, employee directory, news messaging system, events calendar, and much more, organizations have the means to improve internal operations and increase productivity. Additionally, DDA Interactive’s™ subscription-based intranet service is scalable so you can rest assured the intranet can grow with you as the requirements of your business evolve and change.
  • Customized Intranet Development: When pre-packaged software solutions are simply not enough, DDA Interactive™ is ready and waiting to implement the custom programmed solution. With a staff of degreed and experienced programmers and web designers, DDA Interactive™ demonstrates the in-house capability to deliver highly customized intranet software solutions. Not only will you have an intranet that voices your organization’s visual identity through an attractive interface design, but intranet functionalities tailored to unique needs. No matter the request, DDA Interactive’s™ staff will make it happen through solidly programmed solutions. Possible features include:
    • Employee & Client Directories
    • Task Assignment & Monitoring Tools
    • Interactive Time Sheets
    • Resource Libraries
    • News and Messaging Systems
    • Staff Calendars & Events
    • Employee Blogs & Forums
    • Training Platforms & Portals
    • Proposal Development and Review Tools
    • And More...

DDA Interactive’s™ Intranet Developers Hold Collaboration & Interactivity Key
By definition, any application that responds to user input equates to interactivity, but at DDA Interactive™, we demand far more. The online collaboration software and tools we develop are interactive not only in the sense that they respond to user input, but also in the way they improve communications. With one tool, have the ability to customize intranet features by user, personalize dashboards, and enormously improve internal business ties and operations.