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DDA Interactive™: Your Source for Mobile Phone and Portable Device Widget and Application Development

What was once a device with a specialized, singular purpose has now evolved into a multi-faceted tool used by the masses. What is this piece of equipment? A Mobile device.  Today, the popularity of cell phones are being outweighed by  Smartphones, and MP3 players now come standard with cutting edge technologies that expand their purpose far beyond music listening. From browsing the web and sending emails to application downloads, mobile devices are used as a means of communication and entertainment. DDA Interactive™ is the marketing and advertising agency that can help your organization unlock the potential of interactive mobile media. By leveraging the power of application and widget development for mobile phones and other portable devices, you can communicate directly with your  target audience through the piece of equipment individual’s are rarely found without—a cell phone, MP3 player, or Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

With the number of mobile application downloads surpassing the billion mark, the demand and need for these interactive applications cannot be denied. Whether instructional in nature or used for entertainment value, mobile widgets and applications serve many purposes, but the key to success in this highly saturated market is relevance.  It’s not enough for a mobile application developer to generate a working program. To be recognized and accepted by the mobile community, your device application must answer a need—be it for entertainment, eCommerce, or utility. But it doesn’t end their; with the limitation of screen sizes and navigation tools, mobile widgets must be easy to use but engaging enough to keep audiences interested. DDA Interactive™ is the media services provider that can design and develop portable device applications that are just this—an expertly programmed mobile application that garners attention and inspires repeated use through interactive technology.

Answer a need and succeed. What approach best fits your business?
Promotional & eCommerce: Are traditional promotional efforts failing to return the investment they once generated? Then explore the realm of mobile marketing and advertising. Instead of printing numerous coupons and incurring costly fees associated with production and mailing, offer users a mobile application that delivers coupons, new product notifications, and sale announcements directly into the pockets or purses of your target audience. You like it because you reach your audience faster through the device they use most and the consumer appreciates the convenience brought on by point-of-sale promotional offers that require no printing, email searching, or mail rifling.

Informational Mobile Widgets: For service-based industries, provide users with up-to-the-minute mobile applications that keep clients apprised of their standings. We’ve seen it in the form of weather and stock widgets, but they can take on any form with DDA Interactive™ fueling the design and development of mobile applications.

Social Networking Widgets: Have you developed a web-based social networking system but wish to take advantage of mobile technologies to further use? DDA Interactive™ can custom program intuitive mobile applications that make it easy to keep people connected, from geo-location technology that updates the location of registered users to media capable tools that allow users to share video, pictures, and more with their network of friends at any time and at any location.  

Game-based & Entertainment Mobile Applications: A smartly branded game can keep your business, product, or service in the minds of its user each time it is played. As DDA interactive™ houses a team of degreed animation artists, designers, and custom programmers, we possess the skill-set and ability to generate enticing games that succeed in promoting our client’s brand while maintaining entertainment value.

Put to work the power of interactive mobile technology today and reach your target audience at a level never before realized with DDA Interactive™.


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