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How effective is your company when interacting with clients and consumers? As many organizations juggle multiple accounts, keeping track of client information and data can be overwhelming. The risk then is the sacrifice of service when information falls through the cracks as a result of disorganization and interoffice inefficiencies. Let DDA Interactive™ alleviate this stress through the design and development of custom online CRM software.   Through customer relationship management tools like client databases, analytical forecasting, resource libraries, and tracking tools, organizations can save time on operational responsibilities and instead focus on improving the interactions between its staff and its valued client-base.

Though there are many pre-packaged CRM software systems that claim to offer complete client data and management capabilities, many organizations find themselves struggling to adapt their policies and procedures in order to fit within the constraints set by the CRM program. What organizations need is a custom-tailored solution that is formulated around exact requirements and specifications. DDA Interactive™ can offer this through our advanced custom programming capability and acumen with all things interactive. From the development of secure online databases that hold client contact information to the implementation of sales CRM software applications that offer the tools companies need to keep the momentum of success on-going, DDA interactive™ can provide the solution. 

DDA Interactive™ CRM Features:

  • Comprehensive Customer Databases: Store contact information, notes from your last correspondence, and detailed account information so you have an immediate snapshot of your client, including services in which they are enrolled, products they utilize, technical support issues, and much more.
  • Analytical Tools: DDA Interactive™ custom programs powerful reporting tools that sort data to help your organization move confidently ahead. From identifying clients that are most likely to respond to a marketing campaign to pinpointing consumer behaviors to improve selling strategies.
  • Tracking Tools: Measure the success of campaigns and sale initiatives with DDA Interactive™ CRM tracking tools. Know in an instant what avenues are proving most effective in generating leads—be it direct mail campaigns, email blasts, or promotional brochures.
  • And much more!

As a provider of interactive technologies, media, and services, DDA Interactive’s™ aim is to provide our clients with dynamic software solutions that improves their bottom line.  Contact DDA Interactive today and move one step closer to improved client interactions.