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An interactive web-based quiz, test, or form can do much more than reinforce knowledge. If your organization maintains an online information destination, quizzes and tests can provide insight into the effectiveness and quality of the resource material you are providing. An interactive online survey or form can supply valuable opinions that reflect on the level of service and product satisfaction, whereas web-based interactive testing for Continual Medical Education (CME) programs enables on-demand certification and effortless administrative reporting. As a seasoned interactive marketing and advertising agency with complete custom programming and interactive software development capabilities, DDA Interactive™ seamlessly integrates and implements quiz and test programming for a variety of web-based applications.

Online Interactive CME Testing & Certification: As Continuing Medical Education (CME) has made the shift from onsite conferences and tutorials to web-based testing and certification, medical institutions are saving time and resources as a result of increased efficiency in teaching, testing, and accreditation. DDA Interactive™ possesses the in-house capability to design informative and engaging CME programs that impress medical professionals and site administrators with cutting-edge eLearning technologies and interactive testing features that position our services above other CME providers.  From the comfort of a home or office setting, healthcare professionals can partake in CME courses and complete accreditation testing for immediate certification. Additionally, course administrators can monitor program use, test results, and more to easily evaluate and keep track of enrollment and on-going certification, thanks to the interactive custom programming expertise of DDA Interactive™.

Web-based Surveys & Forms:  No opinion should be weighted more heavily than that of your consumer or service base. With their knowledge, product and service reviews, and feedback in hand, organizations can take proactive action in improving their level of customer service. That said, it is often a challenge to encourage individuals to share their valued opinions.  We’ve all encountered website forms that we more often than not ignore, but DDA Interactive™ encourages user participation by making the survey and form process engaging and easy to use. Through flash programming technology, attractive designs, and intuitive functionality, DDA Interactive™ succeeds in gathering the information that can help your organization grow through web-based survey and form program implementation.  

DDA Interactive™: Leading the Way in Interactive Technologies, Media, & Services

Whether you’re a medical organization looking to implement a CME program or an online retailer of goods and services, DDA Interactive™ has the capability to achieve the results you desire at a price most organizations can afford. Not only does our staff excel in interactive programming services like quiz and testing programs, but all things digital and interactive. Visit the links below to learn more about our industry leading services: