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Can’t find a software solution that fits the needs of your business or organization? DDA Interactive™ offers custom programming and interactive software development as part of its comprehensive listing of industry-leading services. So stop the fruitless software search and partner with the interactive marketing and advertising agency that can design and develop custom software programs and solutions to exact specifications. Are you in need of powerful online interactive intranet software? How about an expertly programmed collaboration tool that hugely improves the communication between members of staff and clients? Read on to discover how DDA Interactive™ has mastered the latest technologies, media, and services and leveraged them to develop reliable computer- and web-based software, applications, and programs.

  • DDA Intranet: Every organization performs better with open and organized communication. DDA Interactive™’s Intranet provides the resources that keep employees connected and informed. Have access to work-related documents, news announcements, employee directories, and much more with one web-based tool that is scalable to continuously meet the ever-changing needs of growing businesses.
  • Customer Relationship Management Tools: Don’t allow service to dwindle as a result of poor record-keeping and the management of client data. With DDA Interactive™ put in place comprehensive CRM programs for the betterment of customer interactions.  
  • PowerPoint Generator™: Are PowerPoints an integral part of your organization’s presentations? Do you often recycle and repurpose presentations for future use? If you answered yes to the above, then the PowerPoint Generator™ developed by DDA Interactive™ can greatly streamline the manipulation and tracking of new and existing presentations.
  • Interactive Collaboration Tools: If you are a service-based industry that combines the talents of your staff to achieve a single end result, then consider DDA Interactive’s™ custom programmed collaboration software. Once in place, organizations can track edits, access files, and receive client approval or suggestions through one web-based software solution that brings staff and client together for increased productivity.

Contact DDA Interactive today and access the source for custom software programming and interactive technology and solutions.