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Interactive Video Technologies: Social Video Websites & Platforms

With the wide-spread prevalence and adoption of impressive digital technologies, it’s becoming increasingly harder to stand out as unique and cutting-edge. When it seems every organization is flaunting a flash-based website, how do you stand out? The answer can be found in interactive technology, and the marketing and advertising agency that can make it happen is DDA Interactive™. Boasting advanced interactive technologies and a solid foundation in 3D and 2D animation, video production, graphic design, illustration, and custom programming, DDA Interactive™ is in the business of developing breakthrough applications that answer organizations’ need for creative forms of communication and promotion that gets clients seen and noticed. One such platform can be found in viral video websites that capitalize on the talents of their audience to promote product, raise awareness, and spread the word.

Imagine a website feature that continuously drives traffic and keeps visitors engaged for extended periods of time. With social video websites and platforms, this hypothetical can become a lucrative reality. Whether you are an eCommerce destination looking for an effective means of penetrating the social networking arena, or a provider of industry leading services, there is much to be gained with the implementation of an interactive video platform. Here you can post promotional videos, commercials, client testimonials, and more to reinforce your brand, client or consumer confidences, and marketing strength. And by granting users the ability to upload their own viral videos, benefit from the talents of your viewing audience and further the impact of this interactive medium.

Why Choose DDA Interactive™ for Viral Video Marketing Technologies and Platforms?

Extreme Programming Capability: DDA Interactive™ excels in our ability to deliver exceptional programming services that elevate the interactive platforms we design and develop to new heights. With knowledge of the latest programming languages, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and an ongoing quest for innovative technologies, DDA Interactive™ generates interactive video websites that are easy to use and packed full of features that keep audiences wanting more. Programming features include:

  • A robust administration area, complete with an approval zone to review submitted video clips, a reporting area to track tool use, and a upload area to effortlessly post video submissions of your own.
  • Share features that make it easy for viewers to virally pass along their favorite video clips via a social network, email, or link.
  • Effortless registration that does not impede use, but improves it with a secure video platform that can be monitored and tracked for inappropriate conduct.
  • Commenting and messaging functionalities that encourage discussion.
  • And much more...