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DDA Interactive™ Designs & Develops Widgets & Applications

Widgets and applications, at their base form, are interactive. Whether installed on a desktop or published on a blog or social networking page, they inspire users to take action, interact, and share. Consequently, the benefits to be gained are great. Not only do web widgets, mobile phone, and social networking applications personalize and increase the overall experience of the platform on which they are installed, but they offer  widget and application developers a unique opportunity to share their brand and marketing messages with the public at large. But before you can begin to appreciate the rewards of successful widget and application development, you must first find a company that can custom program and implement the functionality you’ve envisioned. DDA Interactive™, a marketing and advertising agency, offers full-service widget and application development services. With an experienced and dedicated team of degreed programming professionals, we build highly interactive applications that are relevant to the user.

A Widget and Application Developer that can Deliver Success
As an interactive media and services specialist, DDA Interactive™ has identified the key elements that forge widget success. Regardless of the application or purpose, certain developmental constants remain. First and foremost, a mobile application, desktop widget, or website widget must possess purpose.  If it is to be repeatedly used and shared, it must offer real value — be it for entertainment or information.  Second, it must be highly interactive to continue to impress and engage after repeated use.  Third, it must be flexible to work on a variety of platforms to encourage wide-spread acceptance. Last, it must be easy to use and offer tangible and measureable results. The acumen of DDA Interactive’s™ programming department assures our clients that each one of these aforementioned milestones will be met to yield the highest return on your investment.

Innovation & Interactivity is Key
In our professional opinion, the more innovative and interactive your social network application or web widget, the better it will be received. Users want a tool they can personalize and make their own, whether it is through customizing features like design skins or the ability to turn off or on programmed features. Additionally, the higher level of interactivity, the greater the user experience. Widgets and applications should respond to user input. For mobile and social networking applications, interactivity may take the form of a game, whereas eCommerce widgets may offer users the ability to customize and build an ideal outfit, charm bracelet, or other product.

Keeping Ease of Use and Compatibility in Mind
What use is a blog or desktop widget if it is too cumbersome to enjoy? While DDA Interactive™ pushes the boundaries in terms of innovative applications, we aim to maintain usability in all that we build. And, with experience in the latest programming technologies, we code mobile, social, and web applications and widgets to perfection so they work on a variety of platforms and operating systems.

Measuring Results
Keep tabs on the number of times your widget is downloaded and analyze the traffic that is generated to your site as a result of widget use. DDA Interactive™ can track and measure every aspect of widget use so you’ll know what works and what doesn’t.  With this knowledge in hand, you can quickly refine application features to yield the best possible outcome.