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DDA Interactive™: Web Application Developer
With the world seemingly tied together as one through the use of social networking, it would be a grave mistake to ignore its mass appeal. Few mediums offer the potential of widespread exposure quite like leveraging the power of social networking to your advertising advantage. But where do you start? One proven approach is through the design and development of social networking applications. Create an engaging social network widget and watch it spread like wildfire through the online community. If you succeeded in infusing these applications with marketing messages and themes, you’ve just exposed your advertising brand, service, or product to a wide-spread audience.  DDA Interactive™, a media services and applications developer, can help your organization penetrate the social network community through expertly programmed social widgets that entertain all while presenting effective marketing messages and themes.

Advanced Programming: The Element that Determines Social Network Widget Success
Like the name implies, DDA Interactive™ is a marketing and advertising agency that has mastered the art form of interactive technologies. From complex simulated virtual environments to media-rich websites and eCommerce destinations, DDA Interactive™ is the source for industry leading interactivity. As a result, our capabilities as a web application developer are perfectly suited to the needs of the tech savvy Internet user. What they look for in a social network widget is the element from which our namesake is derived — interactive features. Additionally our vast experience in marketing, branding, and advertising makes us the right provider to strike the delicate balance between entertainment and promotional benefit. But the defining factor between a substandard widget developer and an advanced social application provider lays in programming ability. If a social networking widget is difficult to use, people will be less compelled to virally pass it along, causing your efforts and investments to fall flat.

Infiltrate Social Networks with DDA Interactive™, Experts in Application Development

  • Years of programming experience, guarantee an application that is rich in interactivity and ease of use.
  • DDA Interactive’s™ full-service capabilities ensure exceptional outcomes across the board, from attractive widget interfaces and designs to eye-catching animations and video.
  • To monitor success, we track use, from the number of downloads and the demographics of the individuals who use them, to the traffic that was generated to your company website as a result of widget use.

 Contact DDA Interactive™ to learn more about social network application development and our ever-growing list of interactive media and services.