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Interactive Simulations for Corporate & Medical Applications

With today’s advances in interactive technology, there is no need to limit your organization to traditional forms of instructional material. With DDA Interactive™, engross audiences with an immersive simulated virtual environment.  Through skilled artistry and advanced programming, DDA Interactive™  designs and develops simulations for corporate and medical training applications, product showcases and demonstrations, virtual environments and tours, as well as for procedural simulations. Read on to discover how DDA Interactive™ can transform the static and mundane into the highly engaging and interactive.

  • Training Simulations: Provide the valuable hands-on training experience that will foster a competent workforce with virtual simulations for corporate and medical training applications. Once in place, employees will have a safe platform in which to practice and hone their skills, whether it be a simulation to illustrate a proven set of procedures or an interactive scenario- or device-based virtual environment.
  • Product Showcase & Demonstration Simulations: When advertising the benefits of a product, words, affirmations, and product pamphlets can only get sales associates so far. Prospective consumers often desire an in-person demonstration to ensure a product offers the ease of use and functionality they need. Product simulations provide this intimate interaction but without the need to deploy sales teams and products. Whether formatted on a CD-ROM or posted on the web, product simulations offer audiences the opportunity to try a product before purchase via interactive virtual media and technologies.
  • Virtual Tours & Environments: Showcase your facility or grounds with interactive virtual tours. As DDA Interactive’s™ team is comprised of professional photographers, videographers, and artists, we can go onsite to capture footage or develop a lifelike animated or illustrated environment.

Don’t ask your audience to conceptualize a complex process or procedure; instead partner with the interactive marketing and advertising agency that can deploy the latest media, technologies, and services for stellar results. And as our specialty lies in customized solutions that fit exact requirements, you can rest easy knowing that the final product will be lifelike and hugely beneficial.