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Interactive Training & Procedural Simulations

Following proper procedural protocol is a requirement all professional organizations must adhere to, regardless of the industry. Not only does the safety of your staff and clientele depend on it, but also customer service and efficiency. That being said, organizations rightly devote resources to procedural training. But how do you demonstrate abstract concepts or complex processes that should be practiced first before actual implementation?  For such instances, interactive training simulations can provide the guidance employees need, but without any of the associated risk.

With DDA Interactive™--a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in medical and corporate simulation technology—instruct staff on various procedural topics via lifelike virtual environments. Whether you are looking to map out the detailed procedures of a newly introduced surgical technique, or you are in search of a safe way to demonstrate proper protocol on expensive equipment, we have the required experience in interactive tools and technologies, including:

  • A strong backing in the graphic arts: The basis of any 2D or 3D animated procedural simulation is an expertly constructed illustration. That said, DDA Interactive™ specializes in both scientific and creative styles.
  • Experience in 2D and 3D animation: DDA Interactive™’s animators bring simulations to life with motion. We work directly with clients to hone movement for realistic and lifelike outcomes.
  • Expertise in interactive media and services: What separates DDA Interactive™ from many providers of corporate and medical training tools is our implementation of interactive features. Unlike passive modes of training where the viewer observes a presented topic, interactivity involves the user for an enhanced learning outcome. Have employees illustrate their procedural knowledge by applying learned concepts to a simulated device or environment.  

Prepare your workforce for everyday work challenges with virtual procedural simulations designed and developed by DDA Interactive™.