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Interactive Product Simulations & Demonstrations

When it comes to the promotion of a device, product or service, there is no better selling technique than detailed demonstrations. With an understanding of the product, potential buyers will have the confidence to make an investment after witnessing its use and capabilities. Now, with the help of DDA Interactive™ and our industry-leading services, organizations can offer prospective consumers an interactive product demonstration without the need for face-to-face interactions. How? Through interactive web-based product simulations. These life-like virtual environments put the user in control with interactive features that respond to input. That said,  not only will a demo simulation give the viewer a clear picture of device functionality, but also the ability to try a  product via a simulated platform.

Why DDA Interactive™ for 3D Simulations and Online Product Demonstrations?

DDA Interactive™ combines our strength in 2D and 3D animation with custom programming solutions to deliver exceptional online interactive simulations. We’ll work closely with you during all stages of development, from the initial sketches to the layering of value and texture on the animated model. And as usability and solid functionality can make or break an interactive animated product demo simulation, our programming staff works tirelessly to fine-tune user functionality. Additionally, we understand that animation may not fit within the budget constraints of every organization. That’s why we employ the talents of our in-house photographers to take numerous product shots that can then be brought together in a pseudo flash animation that achieves the ‘wow’ factor but at a fraction of the cost.

Interactive product demonstration features include:

  • 360-degree product rotation that is controlled by the user. Viewers can zoom in for a closure look or out for a full product inspection.
  • Mapping capabilities that make it possible to provide additional information through selection. What information? That’s up to you, but as we specialize in all forms of interactive media, like video and animation, no request is off limits.
  • Sensitive user controls that make virtual interactions possible, from device manipulation to the simulation of product operations.

DDA Interactive™: Where Breakthrough Technologies Emerge

Whether you are introducing a new product to the market or looking for a way to communicate unique product features without taking the expense to deploy a large sales force, DDA Interactive™ can be trusted for simulated product demonstrations. As our staff is constantly looking towards the future and embracing the latest technologies, we are able to offer our client-base interactive services that can only be defined as cutting-edge.