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Interactive Educational Video Marketing and Advertising

During the learning process, the brain acts like a powerful processor, performing several interrelated activities, such as focused attention and peripheral perception, simultaneously, in response to visual and aural stimuli. This natural cognitive ability is at full processing speed when the learner or trainee is able to interact with and access information in a way that suits their individual learning preferences. Interactive educational videos allow the viewer to be the participant so that he or she is actively engaged in the learning experience for enhanced comprehension and long-term memory retention. This interaction can be the solution needed for faster proficiency and greater productivity regardless of the marketing or advertising application.

DDA Interactive™ is an innovative marketing and advertising agency outfitted with state-of-the-art video production equipment to shoot in studio or on location and record audio in our sound-proof booths. With the DDA Actors’ Network, you can choose from more than 60 on-screen and voice-over professionals. Come to us with a storyboard and script in mind or let our concept developers, video editors, and scriptwriters develop these items for you. Our video production team is skilled in the latest interactive technologies, such as next-generation virtual reality, simulation, 3D animation, ActionScript programming, and more that enables us to implement interactive elements that will take your educational, training, or eLearning video from a static presentation to an experience not to be missed.

How Users can interact with your Educational Videos

  • Answer questions posed to facilitate testing and evaluation of skills.
  • Repeat chapters or video clips as often as necessary to improve understanding.
  • Adjust variables and play a customized version of the video that mimics individual learning processes.
  • Use navigation mechanisms to control the position of objects in a risk-free simulated video environment.
  • Search for a specific video clip, limiting the information presented to only that which is yet to learn.
  • And much more!

Want to use interactive video media to educate consumers on the proper operation of your products or to train staff on new processes and procedures? Regardless of your application, DDA Interactive™ will be able to develop the solution that brings new meaning to hands-on learning. And as a full-service interactive agency, when you choose to outsource the production of the educational marketing and advertising media you need, you only need to rely on one source, DDA Interactive™. Not only can we produce the interactive video clips or ads you want, but we can integrate them on your website or produce varying quantities of DVDs for distribution with professionally designed disk labels, an entrapment case, and packaging.